Moving 101: Pet Safety


Moving 101: Pet Safety
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Before the move
Make potential buyers feel as comfortable as possible when they come for a showing
Board, Kennel or walk your pups during all showings
Address any potential odors
Sweep up any dog hair
Check yard and remove droppings
Put pet supplies away

We know you love your pups more than anything, but it could be the deciding factor for someone else.

ID is key
Collar with up-to-date ID tags

Try the car, but not too far
Short trips around town to rewarding destinations
Increase your distance gradually and always offer treats for good manners

Consider a pet-friendly seatbelt system to keep Poochie in place to learn more about the legalities of driving with your pets

Board, not bored
Consider boarding your dog  
Hire a dog walker to keep her entertained for ideas

Acclimate instead of crate
Allow your dog to explore his home
Spread some favorite toys in various rooms 
Be patient
Love and attention