Nine Renovation "Dos & Don'ts"

Home Improvement

Let's look at 9 renovation "don'ts" that will more than likely result in a less than ideal result.

Which room of your home are you thinking about re-doing?

Texas designer, Marie Flanigan, shares interiors wisdom from some of her most memorable before-and-after projects: “When remodeling, try to avoid buying new things to fill a space—edit the elements you have, release those that no longer make sense, and embrace the moments of simplicity that process creates.”

Here, nine mistakes to avoid when undertaking a renovation in your own home. (Read the FULL ARTICLE)

1. Don’t keep too much stuff

2. Don’t get too ambitious

3. Don’t be afraid of color

4. Don’t get stuck in the dark

5. Don’t forget to look up

5. Don’t neglect your millwork

7. Don’t overlook wallpaper

8. Don’t narrow your focus too much

9. Don’t fear monochromatic palettes

Originally Posted in "Before + After" Magazine January 11, 2017